The most pet peeve at work is... @ work

Needless to say...having a dinner together after work...

I like an eat out with good friends or my ppl...but the problem is this is always mandatory and very formal atmosphere.

I know I am very picky about everything and not easy to hang out so this is kinda I have to deal with.

but it is hard and difficult always.

this is the first gathering at new workplace so,,it seems out of question to sneak out of it... is what I do tonight,,

1. wherever it is .. I will go anyway with my car (I heard it could be 1 hr driving distance)

2. sitting there very quietly until the end of the first eating session (there is always second, third drinking time subsequently)

3. when it comes to change the venue or calm down I will leave.

I don't expect they understand me and I am in the group activity so ,,I will do the least of it and ..don't complain about it.

this is what I have to do and deal with.